Welcome back for the 2014 season!!!

Here you will find important information that you will need throughout the season. This page contains general information pertaining to all levels of play. For level specific information (including practice schedules and updates), please use the links above. Enjoy!


All of the current 2014 sign up forms and related documents are available for download.

The google calendar is up to date with the 2014 schedule.

CHEERLEADERS:  We will not be handing out any cheerleading uniforms until after practice has started.  All levels have gotten new uniforms this year and they are not back from being lettered at this time.  Any family that does not have a football player may come to the field on any of the uniform handout nights and sign up for their workbond obligation so you don't have last choice. Thanks for your cooperation!

The first night of practice for all levels will be Monday, August 4 at 6pm.  If any level decides not to start practice this night you will get an email from your child's head coach.

As always, be sure to join our googlegroup: Belvidere Football Google Group; It allows us to communicate important messages to everyone via email. Thanks!

important dates

The last round of sign-up dates are as follows:

Last Round

Date Time
Tuesday June 24, 2014 6:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday June 26, 2014 6:00am - 8:00pm

You will need to bring two checks with you; one for $150 for workbond and another check for uniform deposit. Neither one of these checks get cashed unless you are unable to fulfill your workbond obligation or you do not return your uniform. Please bring your child with you so they are given the correct sizes.

For all football players: Your children must have a doctors note stating that they can play football with no restrictions. We need this note by the first night of practice or they will be unable to practice until we receive the note. We will NOT be offering a free physical date this year. It will be your responsibility to get your doctor to write this note and provide it to us.

coach info

Level Football Cheering
Flag John Hatchman Angela Exley
Peewee Steve Bonamo Andrea Lake-Arno & Nichole Crubaugh
Biddy Kyle Banghart Debra Nevara
Midget Tom McGowan Toni Gelko

Head Football Coach Tom McGowan 908-294-3932
Head Cheerleading Coach Andrea Arno-Lake 609-203-7009

game info

Games are played on Saturdays or Sundays. Please remember football players need to arrive at theor games at the beginning of the game scheduled prior to theirs to complete weigh-ins (this does not apply to the Flag level). Cheer coaches will advise cheeleaders of their arrival times for games.

  Saturday Games Sunday Games
Flag Arrive @ 2:15 / Game @ 3:00 Arrive @ 9:15 / Game @ 10:00
Peewee Arrive @ 3:00 / Game @ 5:00 Arrive @ 10:00 / Game @ 12:00
Biddy Arrive @ 5:00 / Game @ 6:30 Arrive @ 12:00 / Game @ 1:30
Midget Arrive @ 6:30 / Game @ 8:00 Arrive @ 1:30 / Game @ 3:00

Monthly Meeting

Football and Cheer monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at the Field House